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What You Need to Know About AI and ChatGPT


The Huge Opportunities and Risks For Businesses, and Why You Need to Start Paying Attention TODAY

Wednesday, March 1st · 13:00–14:00 GMT

  • Learn how AI can help your team
  • Get clear on the (very real) business risks
  • Look at how to approach AI in your own business
Alexis Kingsbury

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Everyone's talking about AI and ChatGPT.

But why?

Is it really something that will help you and your business? Or is it yet another hype-wave that will do little more than distract employees?

The short answer is:

  • It’s not just a hype wave
  • It could provide huge value to your business
  • But it could also cause big problems

Either way, you need to pay attention!

In this webinar, I'll be sharing share everything you NEED to know about AI and ChatGPT.

We'll dive deep into the business opportunities and risks that these new technologies present.

And you'll come away with clarity on how to help your business adapt and thrive in the new AI-powered world we live in, without it derailing other business priorities.

I look forward to seeing you there!



Alexis Kingsbury
Serial entrepreneur, business coach and consultant
AirManual co-founder and host of the De-stress Your Business podcast

"That was the most useful session I’ve attended in years — it was eye-opening, but also so practical! The exercise helped me get clarity that I’d never had before."


Alison Boyle, Owner of LA Marketing
(Feedback for a previous workshop by Alexis)

"Many people have said that it was the most impactful and helpful session. People felt they were being spoken to by someone who really understood their pain."


Kevin Hall, Dan Bradbury Ltd
Kevin Hall, Dan Bradbury Ltd
(Feedback for a previous workshop by Alexis)

"Great presentation, I just wish Alexis was around when I was starting my business ten years ago!"


Dino Tartaglia, Business Growth Hackers
Dino Tartaglia, Business Growth Hackers
(Feedback for a previous workshop by Alexis)

Don't be a dinosaur — find out how AI can help your business

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A dinosaur wearing a hat, generated by Midjourney (an AI tool)