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The Discover AirManual guide

Discover AirManual

Discover how to give your team clear guidance, processes and onboarding with AirManual's unique platform and approach.

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What's inside

  • The huge impact this can have for your business
  • The even bigger impact this can have for you personally
  • The 4 big barriers to business growth, and how to overcome these
  • Why most initiatives to give employees better guidance fail
  • Our unique end-to-end approach
  • Options for working with us, customer success stories, and FAQs
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“It’s given me confidence that the team is now using a standardized approach, and it’s easy to make changes to the checklists when needed.”

Bryony Ward
Bryony Ward
Enrolments manager at Buttercups

“AirManual has saved me hundreds of hours onboarding new team members. And it’s accelerated the creation of information that needed creating, such as writing up our core values.”


Georgia Kirke
Georgia Kirke
CEO at Write Business Results

“Should I hire? Before AirManual, I always felt that I didn't have the time. That feeling's gone.”


Nathan Blair
Nathan Blair
Founder at The Somatic School

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