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The Business Leaders' Guide to Improving Cashflow

The Business Leader's Guide to Improving Cashflow

Everything you need to know to start improving cashflow in your business.

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What's inside

  • The 8 levers to improving cashflow
  • How to pull each lever in your business
  • 60+ examples of processes that will help
  • Free checklist to help you review your pricing
  • Case studies
  • How AirManual can help

“Solid content to help business owners improve their cashflow

Dan Bradbury
Dan Bradbury
Business Management Consultant

“An invaluable resource with both the steps needed to improve cashflow, and a comprehensive list of recurring processes.” 

Pippa Brown
Pippa Brown
Finance Accounts at Spidergap

“The 8 key levers are practical and actionable, and the examples and templates make it easy to implement — highly recommended” 

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Don't risk your business — start improving your cashflow today

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