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The Business Leader's Guide to Using AI and ChatGPT

Everything you need to know to prepare your team and business for AI.

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What's inside

  • What you NEED to know about AI
  • The ways in which AI can help
  • The (very real) business risks
  • How to start getting value from AI
  • Case study
  • How AirManual can help

“This is great — most of us are just skimming over the surface of what we really need to know!”

Wendy Shand
Wendy Shand
Strategy and Leadership Consultant

This shaved a few hours off my week as I planned to research this fully” 

Alex Kilcoyne
Alex Kilcoyne
Managing Director at Cloughs of Nantwich

“A must-read for any business leader looking to stay ahead in the digital age, 5/5 stars!” 

A robot representing ChatGPT
(Actual response when asked for a review of our ebook!)

Don't be a dinosaur — find out how AI can help your business

(Image of dinosaur in a hat generated by Midjourney, an AI tool)

A dinosaur wearing a hat, generated by Midjourney (an AI tool)