Learn how to systemize your marketing

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The Business Leader's Guide to Systemizing Marketing

Your free guide to systemizing marketing

Find out how to systemize your marketing team so you can scale faster, with less stress.

10 free templates to get you started

Examples of how to systemize tasks, training and onboarding.
  • prepare-social-media-posts
  • review-social-media-posts
  • prepare-for-an-event
  • prepare-for-and-record-a-podcast-episode
  • publish-and-promote-a-podcast-episode
  • run-the-marketing-weekly
  • update-the-marketing-dashboard
  • get-started-in-the-marketing-team
  • learn-about-our-competitors
  • agree-marketing-goals-for-the-next-quarter

3 special templates just for EMC

Learn from the experts Mat Wilson, Helen Tudor and Georgia Kirke.
  • create-paid-ads-that-work-for-your-business
  • generate-stress-free-leads-through-linkedin
  • plan-6-months-of-content-in-60-minutes

The presentation slides

Get your copy of Alexis Kingsbury's epic slide deck.

Solutions that go well beyond marketing

The concepts you'll learn can be applied to every area of your business.

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  • 3 special templates sharing the wisdom of speakers Mat Wilson, Georgia Kirke and Helen Tudor
  • Alexis Kingsbury's presentation slides: How to combine consistent marketing with rapid experimentation
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